businesses to move from VPS to Cloud Server

9 reasons for businesses to move from VPS to Cloud Server

Why should businesses move to Cloud Server and not use VPS anymore?  Find out more about 9 reasons for businesses to move from VPS to Cloud Server with below!

1. Automatic backup

Being available 24/7 and ready at all times is what businesses want when renting a server. So if businesses use VPS, this will not be possible because VPS performs initialization and depends entirely on the physical server. When the physical server has a problem, the VPS will definitely not work.

However, for Cloud Server, it is completely different. Cloud servers do not depend on any separate physical server, so even if one physical server in the cluster fails, the redundancy mechanism will allow another physical server to operate instead.

Therefore, Cloud Server meets businesses with 100% availability.

2. The benefits of flexibility in use

The resources of VPS are limited, divided among many different customers. Therefore, if you want more, you need to switch to another more optimal physical server. This will cause interruptions and affect the service you are using. However, for Cloud Server, the use of expanding or shrinking resources is fast. This is also a plus when using Cloud Server that VPS cannot have.

businesses to move from VPS to Cloud Server
businesses to move from VPS to Cloud Server

3. Adaptability

In the future, the size of the business will certainly change, but it can be difficult to predict exactly how this change will be.

For VPS, the resources of a physical server are limited and shared by many different customers. In case you need more resources, you may have to switch to a different physical server, not to mention your administrative rights are at risk of being compromised.

For Cloud Server, the renewal or contract of resource expansion / contraction is limitless and is done very quickly. No matter what your business needs are, Cloud Server will always meet and your business will not experience interruptions.

4. Data Security

When something goes wrong, a physical server, no matter how well protected, will be hard-pressed to avoid data loss. However, with the cloud server, this is completely unaffected because the data will be backed up continuously. If something goes wrong, businesses won’t have to worry about losing data because it can’t be recovered.

In addition, if using VPS when the virus attacks VPS on the same node, it will be affected accordingly. This makes data protection not guaranteed.

5. Enterprises can use any model operating system they want

If using VPS, businesses will be required to share an operating system, but with a cloud server it is different. Cloud server allows users to choose the operating system they want.

businesses to move from VPS to Cloud Server
businesses to move from VPS to Cloud Server

6. Easy Management

Another advantage that makes businesses move from VPS to Cloud Server is that they can be accessed anywhere. Whether users are in the office or on the road, at home… just a device with an Internet connection can access information easily.

Cloud Server providers will give you different management methods such as SSH, Remote Desktop… Wires are things that VPS providers cannot meet.

7. Performance

Cloud Server helps increase operational efficiency through its ability to distribute, take advantage of “free” resources to perform tasks.

In addition, fast computing speed is also something VPS cannot compete with Cloud Server.

8. Resources

When using VPS, businesses will run the risk of experiencing resource shortages during peak periods. Because there are many VPSs located on the same physical server, when the resource needs of other customers on that physical server are higher than the resources they are allowed to use, your VPS will resources occupied.

With Cloud Server, your resources are always available, and the operation of other servers will not affect your cloud server.

9. Savings

Referring to the benefits that Cloud Server brings to businesses compared to VPS, it is certainly impossible to forget about cost savings. There is no need for expensive and expensive initial investment. No or minimal IT personnel required. In addition, the flexibility in shrinking and expanding of Cloud Server will help businesses save maximum costs because they only have to pay for what they use. This minimizes the waste of resources and money for the business.

With these 9 advantages of Cloud Server, surely there will be no reason why businesses continue to use VPS anymore, right? So let’s upgrade VPS to Cloud Server right away.

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