AR/VR virtual technology

How will AR/VR virtual technology change the e-commerce industry in the future?

Join for details How will AR/VR virtual technology change the e-commerce industry in the future? Stay below!

Today, e-commerce is an extremely attractive field and attracts the attention of all classes, from investors to consumers. Its emergence quickly took over the entire online market and created an increasingly competitive economic picture. And those aspiring to dominate the industry are constantly changing the structure and upgrading the platform according to the latest trends. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are emerging technologies that are gradually changing the online shopping experience.

Virtual reality (VR) and its sister Augmented Reality (AR) both have the potential to reshape the retail market. A quarter of customers surveyed think that businesses should invest more in these technologies, so that they play an important role in their shopping experience.

In this way, e-commerce companies will provide a more complete customer experience. Therefore, VR-AR in e-commerce is an indispensable condition.

77.24% of shoppers abandon their shopping cart before completing the checkout step. This shows that retailers must do more to convince customers to trust, choose and buy online.

According to CCS Insight, by 2019 an estimated 24 million virtual reality devices have been sold worldwide. Also from this research, the AR Glass market is expected to reach $1.2 billion by the end of this year.

How does it work? Your customers just need to put on their assistive headset and instantly find themselves at the virtual store. To understand more specifically about this technology, see the details below, how will VR/AR change the e-commerce industry?

AR/VR virtual technology
AR/VR virtual technology

Changes of virtual technology AR/VR

VR/AR helps customers instantly explore virtual showrooms/stores

With this new technology, businesses can attract customers through virtual showrooms/stores. VR allows customers to have experiences similar to going to a physical store, but in the comfort of their own home. After wearing the VR device, they are immediately present at the virtual store and freely check the products. This gives customers a richer experience than conventional online shopping. The products in the store are designed in the form of 3D images, so the feeling will be more real. From there, they feel satisfied when the virtual experience is exactly like shopping at a real store.

AR/VR virtual technology
AR/VR virtual technology

Help customers have rich experiences

AR makes it easy for customers to visualize real products

It’s still fundamentally different from checking out products in a store. AR allows customers to check how products will look and fit when placed in their home to actual scale. This is perhaps the next level of e-commerce that provides an interactive experience for customers. So, if businesses want customers to visually feel the product after buying it instead of just understanding the size and color, then start applying AR to e-commerce web design.

VR/AR increases customers’ trust in products and brands

Most Internet users have shopped online before, but they don’t always choose to shop online. Why? Because customers cannot touch and try the product before deciding to buy, leading to a gap in reliability. However, now VR/AR helps customers have feelings through touch, try their options before buying. From there, will increase trust and stimulate buying behavior.

Let’s start integrating AR/VR in your e-commerce website now to drive business efficiency and improve customer experience.

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