Should I switch from Shared Hosting to Cloud Server

Should I switch from Shared Hosting to Cloud Server?

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Shared hosting has become obsolete and can cause your website to stop working. So how does switching from shared hosting to cloud server help your business? Find out through the article below.

Shared hosting is the most used website hosting service in the world due to its low cost and ease of configuration. If you put it that way, it means that shared hosting is great, right? However, that is not the case.

Limitations of Shared hosting

What makes shared hosting a cheaper service is the fact that it is a method in which several websites will be shared on the same server. It’s like sharing your internet with all the neighbors in your apartment.

Limitations of Shared hosting
Limitations of Shared hosting

A specific example to prove that the use of Shared hosting has many limitations is that when one of the websites downloads too much data, all the rest of the web in that server will be reduced in quality. number of connections.

And of course, using Shared hosting will be a lot more complicated than just sharing the internet for your neighbors. Shared hosting means you will have to share the entire computer where your websites are being hosted. Therefore, this sharing will face a lot of disadvantages.

Usually, in order to maintain a minimum quality for all server addresses, the provider is obliged to limit resources and close down sites that at some point use too much resources and cause problems. damage the quality of the network.

Limited shared hosting reduces profits

Let’s say your company does a good job of marketing. You’ve run very effective campaigns and managed to get lots of visitors to your website, but the site is down at the point where potential customers are visiting to buy products. This will cause a lot of loss for the business both during the implementation of the campaign and the plans to attract customers later.

It’s rare for customers to return to purchase after a bad experience. As a result, the company’s profits will inevitably decrease.

Hackers easily infiltrate

In addition to the issue of reduced profits, there are also security issues that need attention. Your website can be compromised by hackers if a single network address in the server is compromised.

So in order not to have the same trouble as mentioned, we need to switch from Shared hosting to Cloud Server today.

Cloud server as a solution for professional websites

Should I switch from Shared Hosting to Cloud Server
Should I switch from Shared Hosting to Cloud Server

In the Cloud Server service, because your server resources are not shared with anyone, it will satisfy all the requirements you need. The web can handle the highest amount of traffic without having to worry about resource shortages or congestion, sudden shutdowns.

And one of the interesting things not to be missed when it comes to Cloud Server is scalability. If your website needs more technology resources because it is getting more and more visited, then you can simply request from the company that provides the extension of the resource. The provider will solve this problem for you right away.

Above are the sharing about you should switch from Shared Hosting to Cloud Server. The website is considered the image of the business on the internet, so to show professionalism and increase revenue, it is essential to have a good hosting.

Currently, Cloud Server is the best choice for high performance in complex modern internet. Please choose for yourself a reputable cloud server provider to quickly build the professionalism of your website.

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