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The price of iPhone 14 is no longer “swinging to the top”

According to information from retail systems, the current supply of iPhone 14 is no longer, especially iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max series can meet the shopping needs of Vietnamese consumers after about 2 weeks of opening for sale.
October 31, CellphoneS was able to pay all previous orders. The hottest version this year is iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB in colors that can be purchased without reservation for only 31.99 million VND, excluding payment incentives and accompanying promotions. . For iPhone 14 Pro Max 256GB version, users can order now (except for the purple version) for from 35.99 million VND.
Giá iPhone 14 không còn "đu đỉnh"

iPhone 14 series is available at retail systems

As noted by the reporter, between October 19 and October 21, the iPhone selling price peaked, up to 36 million VND for the purple iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB version and up to 40 million VND for the 256GB version. The reason for this price increase is partly due to the scarcity of goods, partly this is the period when the demand for iPhone shopping of Vietnamese users increases, causing the “black market” price of iPhone VN / A models to increase rapidly. changes, leading to an increase in the price of laptops from other markets.

However, as of October 31, the “black market” iPhone 14 price is no longer as high as the shortage, ranging from VND 32.5 to VND 36 million for two versions of Pro Max 128GB and 256GB in purple, respectively.

In the first half of November, retail systems actively returned goods to customers who pre-ordered during the opening period. It is expected that the shopping demand of users will continue to increase at the end of this year, especially during the Lunar New Year.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max witnessed great buying power in the sale this year when Apple’s retail systems and official distribution channels continuously announced that they were out of stock, especially the purple version. Before that, many people pre-ordered the device very early but were informed to receive the goods in batch 3 (end of November). Large e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, and Tiki continuously provide new sources of goods but still cannot meet the large purchasing power, causing users to rush to buy devices on the “black market”, despite sky-high prices. , sometimes up to 40 million.

Giá iPhone 14 không còn "đu đỉnh"

iPhone 14 Pro Max Purple is constantly out of stock

This November is also the time when Apple opens the sale of AirPods Pro 2022 headset model in Vietnam market with a list price of 6.99 million VND. With valuable upgrades such as active noise cancellation, sound quality and battery life, AirPods Pro 2022 is expected to be the next attractive technology product after the iPhone 14 Pro Max in the shopping season later this year. .

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