The secret to choosing a delicious avocado

The secret to choosing a delicious avocado, that is ripe to not bitter and how to store it

Avocado is a fruit that contains up to 14 vitamins that are very good for health and are also used by many women for beauty. But if you don’t know how to choose, avocados can be young, bitter or overripe or of poor quality.with check out The secret to choosing a delicious avocado, that is ripe to not bitter and how to store it.

The secret to choosing a delicious avocado.

1. Observe the avocado stalk

To tell if an avocado is ripe, you should look at the stem of the avocado. Almost all of today’s popular butters choose this way.

If you see a green avocado stem, the avocado is not yet ripe. If the core of the avocado stem is brown, the avocado is overcooked or even charred. If the stem core is slightly yellow, it means that the avocado has just ripened and eaten very well, you should choose these avocados.

Observe the avocado stalk
Observe the avocado stalk

2. Look at the avocado skin

Usually avocados have a green, glossy skin that indicates a young avocado. An avocado with a rough skin means that the avocado is old and has already begun to ripen.

However, there are varieties of avocados that do not change color when ripe, such as water avocados. So you should also be equipped with more knowledge about the popular avocado varieties on the market today.

An old waxy avocado will often have a glossy, non-squeaky skin that is firm in the hand. Avocados with a green skin with yellow spots on the peel have a higher amount of waxy butter, and are more supple and fatty than purple-skinned avocados.

3. Choose avocados according to the shape of the fruit

Choose avocados according to the shape of the fruit
Choose avocados according to the shape of the fruit

Typically, an avocado with an elongated shape will have more flesh and smaller seeds than a round avocado. However, round avocados are usually less fibrous.

As for the plasticity and sweetness of the avocado, it also depends on the type of fruit, so the outside shape will not determine this factor.

4. The feeling of holding an avocado in your hand

When choosing an avocado, hold the avocado and gently squeeze it around. If the avocado is heavy, firm in the hand, and the feeling when it is soft, it is a good ripe avocado.

Try shaking the avocado if you hear the sound of the seeds inside rolling lightly, the avocado is almost ripe and delicious. But if the rolling sound is too strong, it should not be chosen because the meat will be thin.

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If you buy a lot of avocados to use gradually, you should only choose a few ripe fruits, the rest should choose unripe fruits to avoid overripe avocados. Because butter at this time will no longer taste good, even can not be used anymore.

5. The secret to choosing certain types of butter

Each type of butter has different characteristics, so we also need to distinguish to choose the right butter for each type.

1. Buttermilk


When ripe, the waxy avocado is plump and firm in the hand. The intestines will change to light yellow, the flesh is soft, with a light sweet taste.

2. Hass Butter

When ripe, the pods will gradually turn purple while the avocado flesh is firm, fragrant and yellow.

3. Butter Booth

When choosing Booth butter, you should notice that the skin is dark green, slightly yellow, the skin is tight but not shiny, there are many embossed veins, the more prominent the veins, the older the type. When shaking the seeds, shake a little, not shake much.

Booth butter is rough, has many floating veins, it is old and delicious!

Absolutely do not choose avocado with a glossy green color, because this is a young Booth avocado, when ripe, it will have a bitter taste or cannot ripen.

4. Reed Butter

Reed avocados have a light green skin. When ripe, it turns dark purple, thick, tough but easy to peel and often appears wavy spines.

Choose fruits with an average length of 15-20cm. Because if the fruit is longer, it is often difficult to preserve.

You should choose fruits that are green, with lots of yellow spots. These are fruits with a high percentage of wax. Do not choose fruits with signs of black dot perforation by bees.

How to store butter?

When the avocado is ripe, it ripens from the stem gradually to the end, so the stem will be softer. After ripening, avocados are easy to lose nutrients, so you should buy them in moderate quantities and eat them in 1-2 days. Even if butter is stored in the refrigerator, the taste will not be the same.

Below are instructions for storing avocados for two types of fruit: ripe avocados and ripe avocados.

1. For avocados that are about to ripen

You should keep it in a cool place with a temperature of about 23-25 degrees Celsius for even ripening. Do not let avocados come into direct contact with the ground or over-incubate in plastic bags or rice bins, this will cause the avocados to not ripen evenly.

Putting these avocados near other ripe fruits like bananas will help them ripen faster.

For avocados that are about to ripen
For avocados that are about to ripen

2. For ripe avocado

First, clean the avocado peel gently with warm water. Then preserve them with 1 of 4 ways below:

– Wrap a whole ripe avocado with newspaper.

– Cut the avocado in half, then apply a thin layer of cooking oil or a few drops of lemon, wrap the avocado with plastic wrap and place it in the refrigerator.

Place the avocado with the onion in an airtight container. Onions can be thinly sliced to line the bottom to prevent the avocado from decomposing.

– Cut avocado into small pieces or puree, then put in an airtight container and store in the refrigerator to eat gradually.


The above are ways to choose to buy quality avocado, not too young nor too old. Besides, the way to preserve avocado is also essential for the avocado to be delicious and retain its nutrients. Try applying to choose for yourself delicious avocados!

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