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Website access is not stable. The cause and how to fix it

Join to learn details Website access is not stable. The cause and how to fix it is below!

Website speed is one of the most important factors affecting the success of any website. According to the latest research by experts, ordinary Internet users usually do not wait more than 4 seconds to access any website. This also means that users will leave another website if the access speed is slower than this 4 seconds time.

Unstable access to the website often happens when it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s okay. If this situation occurs, it will greatly affect the quality of service that your website provides to customers and at the same time it is easy to lose customers to other competitors. So what is the cause of the unstable website access and how to fix this situation. would like to be divided into 2 cases and analyzed as follows:

TH1: Other websites have stable access but your website is not.

1. Check the web server

First, how do you compare websites with the same hosting (or the same server)? If they work fast and stable, then surely the website access is unstable, not because of the hosting. You need to check for other causes. In case the web on the hosting is running slow and unstable, check if the hosting resources are limited by the provider or not. How to test the server’s loading speed and website’s bandwidth? Then contact the supplier to find a solution.

Website access is not stable
Website access is not stable

2. Check DNS (domain name resolution system)

Website access is not stable
Website access is not stable

The Domain Name System (DNS) for short is also one of the reasons that can affect the speed of website access. It can even make your website slow as a turtle or have no Internet connection.

When you access the address of a particular website, the diagram works as follows: Request is sent from computer – network server (fiber) – DNS server (domain name) – Server hosting – returns Browser. Thus, it is clear that decoding the domain name is an extremely important link in accessing the website. Depending on the DNS server, the domain name decoding speed will be different. If the speed of domain decoding is slow, it is easy to cause unstable website access. Currently, there are many domain name providers in the country and abroad. Before developing a website, you should choose reputable large domain name registrars to ensure the best quality.

3. Check the file transfer from the computer to the server and vice versa

Unstable website access can also be caused by data transmission from the computer to the server and vice versa. In this case, check by opening CMD on your computer and typing the command (tracert + space + domain name to be checked). Then see how the data is transmitted, if there is time out anywhere and find a way to fix it in each specific case.

4. Check the code, landing page

The web browser only allows loading up to 8 files at a time (8 connections) for css and .js. So check the effects installed on your website and remove the unimportant components that can affect the unstable website access.

In case the website has finished loading images and text and still sees it “spinning”, it is most likely due to the iframe. You can press F12 to switch to the network tab to test and edit or change the iframe for your website.

Another equally important factor that makes a website load slow and unstable is the size and size of images on heavy websites. You should optimize the size of the images or remove unnecessary images before putting them on the website. If the image is too large or too large, it can speed up the page load and adversely affect your website. According to experts’ research, each image when uploaded to the website needs to be optimized for less than 100KB but still has to ensure image quality and sharpness.

If you are using wordpress then it is most likely because you are using too many plugins that make your website cumbersome and cause instability. Please remove or replace heavy plugins.

5. Check the number of users accessing the website

You should check the number of users visiting your website. If there are too many people accessing at the same time, it will definitely overload the server and cause unstable website access. At this point, consider improving solutions such as upgrading hosting to a package with larger capacity and bandwidth.

6. Check if the website is infected with viruses, malicious code or not

Malware from sending mail is very common in Vietnam. It can be the cause of the whole server crashing, not just your hosting. And this is definitely the culprit that makes the website unstable. Always clean and clean the website by using a firewall or anti-virus tools for it on a regular basis. Consider or limit suspicious emails to limit their intrusion, spread and harm.

TH2: Your website and other websites are unstable

1. Check the browser you are using

Different browsers (eg Coc Coc, Chrome, Firefox) often have different page loading speeds. An unstable connection can happen in any browser. So in this case, please switch to another browser to see how

Your website and other websites are unstable
Your website and other websites are unstable

2. Check the number of open tabs

If you open too many tabs on 1 browser, it will most likely drain the CPU and run out of RAM. The consequences of this can also make the website access unstable. To fix it, please turn off the tab before accessing your website.

3. Check the computer configuration

If you access the website with a computer with a weak configuration, the page loading speed will also be significantly affected. A computer with good CPU, RAM and network card will make the page load speed increase significantly. To be sure, you can test the browsing speed on 2 computers with different configurations and find ways to improve your computer’s configuration.

In short, when developing and operating a website, you should regularly check your website access speed to promptly detect and handle if the website access is unstable. Depending on the different cases and depending on the different types of websites, there will be different handling directions.

This article summarizes some basic causes of unstable website access and gives suggestions on solutions for each cause. However, choosing a server that contains a quality database and is suitable for the wishes as well as the amount of information that you need to transmit to the customer is still the fastest, most effective and guaranteed solution. So think carefully before making a decision.

Thank you very much for your interest and following our article. Good luck.

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